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Parking at DFW Airport

Valet Parking Details

$31/day, plus tax
Open 24 hours, 7 days/week | Cash, Major Credit Cards
Terminal A Open
Terminal B Open
Terminal C Open
Terminal D Open
Terminal E Open

Additional Details

  • An Open Door Policy - no reservations required! Simply drop off your car at any Valet Parking stand located on the arrivals level in the one-hour parking zones at Terminals A, B, C and E or curbside on the departures level at Terminal D.
  • Available at all terminals
  • All cars parked in covered garages
  • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week monitoring
  • Cars never leave Airport property
  • Cars will be delivered to the one-hour parking area in Terminal Parking upon passengers’ return
  • Car wash and detail services available while you are on your trip; Click here to view a menu of options
Enjoy an even more carefree valet experience with our "scan and go" drop-of service.  To make reservations, click below or call 972 574 2407

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Helpful Resources

For information about employee parking, including availability and location, please use the link to the right.

Learn more about DFW Airport’s accessible parking for those with disabilities.

TollTag is now available at Remote, Express and Terminal Parking.

Learn more about how you can pay or contest your parking citation online.

Entering and Exiting the Airport

  • We advise all customers to not pull up closely behind the vehicle in front of you. While waiting in a lane, please allow for adequate space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Pulling up too closely behind a vehicle can result in delay.
  • Existing TollTag customers can begin using TollTag at DFW Airport provided their account is current and secured with a credit card. If you currently have a cash account, you must convert it to a credit card account in order to use TollTag at DFW. 
  • New TollTag customers must apply for a TollTag account and will be required to provide a credit card number to which an initial balance will be charged to secure the account.
  • TollTag must be turned on for DFW Parking and pass-through activity. 
  • Customers who do not wish to utilize their Tolltag at DFW Airport should only enter through a Ticket Only lane located on the right side of entry plazas. The customer will be required to obtain a ticket for entry. 
  • Customers without a Tolltag can obtain a ticket from any lane designated as Ticket.
  • Utilizing a lane designated as Credit when paying with a credit card generally facilitates exit due to the number of available lanes of this type and relatively shorter vehicle queue. Credit lanes are located on the right side of exit plazas.
  • Lanes with yellow wide lane signs are designed to accommodate oversized vehicles such as 18-wheelers, buses, RVs, etc. All access and payment types are available in Wide Lanes with the exception of lanes designated as TollTag Only. Two Wide Lanes are located near the center of each entry and exit plaza.
  • Credit Card receipts in the automated lanes will only be issued per the request of the customer. Therefore, customers can now choose to request their receipt or simply proceed to exit the airport. This new feature will expedite the transaction processing time for customers who opt out of receiving a receipt.
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