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This is a paragraph. - Snap a Photo at These Favorite DFW Spots

Snap a Photo at These Favorite DFW Spots

1..2..3. Is your camera ready?

Orange Texas sunsets and watching planes taking off into the horizon - these are just some of the exciting sights that photographers hope to capture through a lens. For the average traveler who uses a smartphone camera to the photographer enthusiast carrying their DSLR, DFW has a spot for everyone to capture memories. Be sure to keep this list of favorite, top photo spots at DFW when traveling through DFW. 1..2..3.. Say cheese! 

 DFW Airport Top Photo Spots Founders Plaza Image
1. Founders Plaza: For #avgeeks and the like, many head to this spot to catch the Qantas A380 make its descent from Sydney or watch the AA Dreamliner take off to Chicago. With the recent Great American Solar Eclipse, many flocked to Founders Plaza to snap pictures of the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Camera phone or DLSR in tow, you will definitely get a memorable photo. (Outside security)

Terminal D Interior 033
2. Make a Wish: When DFW’s art program launched in 2005, this particular art piece quickly made its landmark as a place to send off loved ones with well-wishes. The giant structure became so popular that DFW travelers coined a common phrase, “just meet me at the Wishbone.”  Today, artist Terry Allen’s “Wishbone” piece located in Terminal D outside of the security checkpoint near Gate D31 is a popular spot to wish loved ones a safe and happy journey. (Outside security) 

DFW Airport Top Photo Spots Skylink Image
3. Skylink: If you have not been on Skylink (DFW’s bi-directional train system) yet, you may be missing out on some photo-worthy opportunities. When on Skylink, travelers can capture some of Texas’ best sunset views. If travel time permits, head on Skylink at sunset to see the beautiful orange hues fall upon the runways or watch airplanes slowly taxi to their gates. At the northern and southern most points of Skylink’s track, you can get a 360 degree view of the entire DFW Airport landscape. (Inside Security)
Fun fact: You may be able to see a glimpse of the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines in the distance. 

DFW Airport Wall of Thanks Photo
4. Wall of Thanks: Between the Terminal A and C connector, there is a giant wall, named “The Wall of Thanks.”  In partnership with American Airlines, this spot is a popular place where travelers can write notes of gratitude to our armed forces, living or fallen. If you need a short break, there are rocking chairs in front of the wall to rest in, and, of course, take a selfie in. (Inside Security)
DFW Airport Top Photo Spots Hyatt Hotel Image
5. Grand Hyatt Rooftop Pool (Guests only): If you’re lucky enough to stay as a guest at the Grand Hyatt Hotel near Terminal D, be sure to ride the elevator to the top to enjoy the rooftop view.  Want to up the ante? Lounge at the spa and enjoy a delicious lunch while window-viewing DFW Airport’s many facades. Don’t forget your camera! (Outside security) 
DFW Airport Top Photo Spots Yoga Studio Image
6. Yoga Studio at D40: Travelers can stretch at the Yoga Studio in Terminal D while overlooking the nearby runway views. Relax before or after your flight, or get re-centered for the next leg of your journey. While you’re at it, take a selfie!
Fun fact: Get a glimpse of a row of plane tails located at the Terminal D and B connector, left of the Yoga Studio. 

Now that we’ve rounded up our recommended spots to snap a photo, we want to see them. Share your #1DFW best photos with us on social media. 
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